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Lyle Salmi Coleman Fellows project

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Carriage House Press Lyle J. Salmi

A Brief History
In order for folks to respond with appropriate feedback/questions/suggestions, let me give a brief overview of both what Carriage House is, where it has been, and where it is going. The idea for Carriage House came about in order to initially fulfill the need to work with artists that we exhibit in our main gallery space to come in, critique with students ,and work on creating a series of prints. This was initially done in my printmaking class during non-class time. The opportunity came about to make use of the carriage house building, which is off campus and on the grounds of the James Millikin Homestead. Both buildings are owned and maintained by Millikin University.
So, Carriage House Press was officially hatched in 2008, the 1st year of my Coleman Fellowship. We held a competition for Graphic Design students in the creation of the official logo. We used the combination of Coleman Fellow funds, along with university commitment to set up the space and equipment.
Carriage House Press is folded into my regular coursework as AR 380 Advanced Studio Practicum: Carriage House Press. Students with at least 1 semester of printmaking experience can work in Carriage House. All Carriage House students must come up with at least 1 project per semester that ties in to our Blue Connection Gallery retail space. This has typically been in the form of printed cards, limited edition prints, and has recently expanded to prints on tote bags.
So, Carriage House Press has been up and running and initially focused on students working on their own prints, in addition to periodically working side by side with professional artists. This model is still in place, and we have also recently added print projects that pair up with community organizations/events. This type of activity will increase public awareness of the arts, printmaking, and provide networking, and entrepreneurial opportunities for students.

Carriage House Press worked on 3 events this semester.
1. That’s How We Roll
In September, we were the After 5 Live Blue Connection Gallery spotlight event (the first Friday of every month Blue Connection Gallery hosts a spotlight artist event)
Our event was That’s How We Roll” in which we all created large scale woodcuts and printed them with a steamroller. See the website at
Some E competencies addressed with this event:
Recognizing and Assessing Opportunity by thinking outside of the box in terms of printmaking, taking this activity out of the studio and into the street.
Creative Problem-Solving by having each artist respond to a particular idea/theme.
Leveraging Resources/Bootstrapping by pairing with the Decatur Arts Council, getting the local paving company to donate the steamroller.
Conveying a Compelling Vision by getting the public involved in the event.
Building and Managing Social Networks by working with community organizations and creating outreach opportunities for events.
Implementing Something New by pairing with community organization/events, and creating large-scale prints for sale.

2. In October, Visiting artist Richard Keen worked with Carriage House Press in the creation of “Alternation” an edition of 16 five-color prints.
Some E competencies addressed with this event:
Recognizing and Assessing Opportunity by working side-by side with a professional artist, assisting creating the artist’s vision via printmaking skills.
Creative Problem-Solving by working with the artist to anticipate artistic and technical needs, potential printing issues, and coming to a reasonable solution.
Innovation-Value Creation with New Products by the application of skills sets to the final editioned prints, which will then be available for sale at Blue Connection Gallery.
Building and Managing Social Networks by establishing a working relationship with the artist, increasing the community of artists and their respective connections.

3.”The End of The World” November After 5 Live Event. Carriage House Press collectively decided to do a series of woodcut prints each depicting the end of the world as interpreted by each artist responding to the Mayan prediction. Themes ranged from nuclear holocaust to plagues of locusts. The artist, in their own words described their project: “Our objective was to create an art event that was culturally relevant without being holiday or politically related….we wanted a non-traditional setting for this event, so we decided upon the idea of an installation, hence the moving truck as pop up gallery and interactive display.”
Some E competencies addressed with this event:
Recognizing and Assessing Opportunity by thinking outside of the box in terms of printmaking, taking this activity out of the studio , creating an installation, interactive type of event.
Creative Problem-Solving by taking an idea that most people have some connection with, or response to, and creating the opportunity for a dialogue, having prints for sale.
Guerilla Skills by addressing the end of the world idea as an interactive piece. Using posters on Gallery windows as propaganda-type campaign.
Implementing Something New by using the moving truck as a pop-up gallery installation. Creating “End of the World” tote bags for sale.

4. Challenges:
To continue to innovate with ideas and maintain a presence in the community via varying forms of outreach.
To encourage risk taking and assessment, while maintaining professional practices.
To stimulate new ideas, student ownership and ventures that go beyond Carriage House Press.
To continue to provide a learning laboratory that provides the necessary mix of experimentation and successful projects/products/events.
To provide opportunities for real third-party stakeholder relationships beyond the traditional classroom setting.


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